Monday, May 21, 2007

Bedience Class

We had our second Bedience Class on Sunday. Bedience Class is a school for dogs to learn manners.

It is OK, I guess. I just don't like going into the building. Mom has to drag me in all the time. I just wanna stay outside. I can watch can't I? Her Highness, The Queen goes in, so why do I have to go?

We are learning how to walk - What a waste of Mom's time, I know how to walk! I have been doing it since I was born! All I have to do is put one paw in front of the other. But no, that's not good enough, they want me to walk a certain way. Well, I showed them, I just refused to walk, they had to drag me, heh-heh!!!!!!! Shirley, our Trainer says I need to be more motivated - No I don't, I just don't want to do what she wants me to do. She told Mom to use a Squeakie. I like Squeakies. So that works a little to at least get me going, but it gets boring walking around in circles. I like when Andee does the Walk Homework with me. She is fun, she runs and get all excited and jumps around just like me. I think we should bring her to Bedience Class.

Sit/Stay is OK. I can do this better than Queen Fluffy Butt. I can Sit/Stay for more than a minute and distractions are not a problem either.

Down/Stay. I can do this too but I'd rather go play.

We also started something new - Come. This is a little like walking, but I have to go to Mom when she says Come and then tugs on my leash. Then guess what they want me to do? Come over and Sit right in front of her! Can you believe it? What do they think we are puppets?

Shirley says I am not ready for Group Classes yet, so at the end of our next Class Mom has to decide if we should stay with the private lessons or switch to group. Me personally, I think she should just let Her Fluffiness go and leave me out of it.

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