Thursday, May 10, 2007

We Have A Blog


We have a Blog!
A LOT of our Siberian Husky friends have blogs and now we have one, too!!!

My name is Georgie Girl, I am a two year old Siberian Husky. I live with my Siberian sister, Her Fluffiness, Queen Magic, she is six, and my human family: Mom, Dad, Frank, and Andee.

Magic Girl (Yeah, I know another "Girl", like they don't know we are Girls), was here first. She is spoiled rotten - that's why I call her "Queen". I am spoiled too, but I have a LOT of spoiling to catch up on.

Magic may be the 'Queen" but I am the nice one. Everybody wants to pet and play with me. Thats because Magic is a grumble-pup! We go out for walkies and everybody says how pretty we are and they want to pet us, but Magic barks at them, so she don't get petted. Her loss!

I on the other hand, get all the attention - that's because I am so lovable and cute!

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