Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Went to the Vet

We went to the vet the other day - Monday. It was actually the third time I was there but the first time I actually saw the doctor. He said I was BEAUTIFUL!! I knew it! After all, I AM a cutie!

He checked me out from head to toe, said I was in perfect health! I weigh 51lbs., such a nice weight for a Girl my age.

Queen Fluffy Butt went to have her eyes checked. Mom said they looked cloudy, she said they have been cloudy since she first adopted Her Fluffiness, but she didn't realize how cloudy until she saw my crystal clear blue eyes. So, what did the doc say? Magic has damaged corneas in both eyes. The doctor believes it is probably from the same frostbite that took the tips of her ears. He said she is not blind, nor will she go blind from this, but she probably has hazy vision. Mom was really pissed. She cannot believe people can be so cruel. Me either!

Well at least we are both safe and happy now - I'd be even happier if Her Fluffiness, Queen Fluffy Butt would play more often!

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