Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm Still Here

I haven't posted in awhile, Mom has been busy with work and has had the computer shut off! Can you believe it, Just because she has been busy playing with flowers and sewing, she wouldn't let me near the computer?

We have the Husky air on again. We had it off for a few days and Her Fluffiness was beginning to get back to normal. Then it got H-O-T again, so Mom put it on so we would be comfortable.

About the New Stuffie. Mom told HTH about how all my Husky friends want one - she even referred them to my blog. HTH's President said that she is going to order some extras so that my Husky friends can buy some. She said that when they come in she will let us know how we can get them. I know my Mom buys all of these things when she goes to events - she is one of HTH's volunteers - and she buys things at events to help with the foster doggies. If you want to see where the events are that HTH is going to be at just follow this link:

scroll down and look for the link that says "Calender"


Khady Lynn said...

Oh thank you for finding us more stuffies!!! I can't wait to get one! AND, if it helps HTH, then I am REALLY looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

OH GOODY!! I can't wait until more of them come in. I love stuffies!!! I agree with Holly... anything to help HTH out :)

DKMaialetti said...

Holly, Sitka & Tia, Thank you. As soon as they come in I will find out how you can get one and let you know.