Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Huskies in the Window

I have an internet friend, MayaMarie, whose blog is called The Husky in The Window. Apparently she likes to be in the window and check out the world.

Queen Fluffy Butt, pictured here, is always in the window. She just loves to lay in the window and check out the neighbors. Sometimes, I too get in the window to check things out, but I don't lay in the window all the time.

Also when we go on our walkies, there is a Husky around the corner who is also almost always in the window. She too just lays there and looks out at all the people and doggies walking around.
So, I am now wondering, Do all Huskies like to lay in the window? What is the appeal behind this? I am curious.


Khady Lynn said...

We have French doors in our family room and I love to lay and look out them. Especially when mom and dad leave one open for me. Then I can sniff the fresh air, and keep an eye on my yard.


The Husky in the Window said...

The window is how I get to see what's going on outside. Our yard has this 8 ft fence, so you can't see anything but the trees. Out the front window is the whole world. And us huskies love to see what's going on. I even got Missy to get on the sofa to look out. I'm glad you'all get to look out too! You have a nice chair. We just have the "dog sofa". It's especially nice with it's so hot outside. I can be in my window, in the air conditioning looking out and keepking cool.

IndyPindy said...

I love windows too. I can sit there and just watch people. My daddy calls it Husky TV.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we have those ceiling to floor windors on the 1st level of out home. All I have to do is lay down, rest my chin on the window seal, and look out on my domain!!! There are many things to keep an eye on.. chipmunks, birds, squirrels, dogs, cats, and bipeds!!!

DKMaialetti said...

Hey Guys, It looks like we all like the window. As I said, I don't get in the window much, the Queen is in the window alot - But, I will have to check it out more often!