Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm Feeling Better & Quilt Update

Thank you everyone for the well wishes.

I am feeling better now. No more YUKY rice and chicken, no more pink liquid chalk - YUK, that stuff is NASTY! I ate some of my regular food last night - Mom only gave me the dry food and so far so good.

One of my Husky friends wanted to see a picture of me with my baby. So here is a picture:

Queen Fluffy Butt was in trouble the other day - Ha-ha!. She dug a hole in the sofa! Mom was SO MAD! The furniture is fairly new, they only had it since November and Mom is not sure if the warranty will cover Huskies!
I really should not gloat, Magic was really nice to me while I was sick. She watched over me and did not want to leave me alone. She can be a really good sister.

Here is a Quilt Update:
Mom has been working on this in all her spare time. It is finally beginning to look like a Crazy Quilt! She has the top all pieced together, and the edges sewn on (she sewed them on now so the embroidery can run into the edges). She is in the process of doing the embroidery and beadwork on it. Here are some pictures.

This one on the left is of the edging. I am not sure how much you can see in the picture, but the embroidery runs out into the edging.
The photo below is the Spider block. All Crazy Quilts have a Spider block. Supposedly the Spider blocks are for good luck, but I cannot imagine a bug being good luck!

The picture below is just an overview of the work done so far. You can see some of the embroidery as well as some lace and beadwork.

Below is the Peacock block. This is another motif commonly found in Crazy Quilting. Mom was being lazy here, she did the birds tail using ribbon instead of embroidery.

Mom still has work to do on this. She wants to have it done in time for Harnessed to Hope's Hike 'N Howl. She is hoping that it will help out the Huskies and other Northern Breed dogs in rescue.


The Husky in the Window said...

Your mom's quilt is beautiful! Wow!
Glad you are feeling better. Your stuffie is cute.
I fell bad for Queen Fluffy Butt. I did the same thing to a cushion and got into a lot of trouble. Sometimes we don't know why we do those things. It just happens.

Khady Lynn said...

Wow, the quilt is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Some human will be very lucky to get it!

I like your stuffie! I can't believe it is still in one piece.

Bummer about the couch. When my human got a new couch several years ago, about 10 minutes after it was delivered, she found Samuel had chewed a big hole in one of the throw pillows and was pulling out the stuffing! I guess she had some not too nice things to say to him since it was pretty expensive and had only been in the house for 10 minutes! She had to order another pillow and it cost her an additional $50.


DKMaialetti said...

Hi Holly & MayaMarie,
Thank You both for the well wishes and comments on Mom's quilt.
My little stuffie baby does have a hole in her and some of her stuffing is gone.
I too feel bad for Magic. She likes to did, but this is the first time she actually put a hole in the furniture.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Oh my dogness.. the quilt is beautiful!!! I am super glad you are feeling better now!!

Wow! That is a bummer about the new sofa!


DKMaialetti said...

Hi Sitka, Thank you for the well wishes. I like Mom's quilt too. She still has a lot more to do before it is done. I can't wait until it is finished.