Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mayfair - Holmesburg Parade

We went to the Parade last week.

We marched with MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue - Mom volunteers for them now.

We had such a good time and we met some new friends - Karen & Dave plus a new doggie friend named Dawkin. Bev was also there with her dog Yasha. It was a little chilly out - for the humans but not for us Huskies, we loved it!

We had more people marching with us, but they were busy giving out candy and treats. Us doggies were such a sight, everywhere we went the people in the crowd were saying:

"Oooh, loks at the dogs!"

"Hey, look! Snow Dogs"

Everyone wanted to pet us and give us hugs. After awhile it got to be too much for me, I got scared and everytime crowds of people came toward me I backed away or would just refuse to move. So Mom kept the crowds away from me.

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