Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mom is Playing With the Blog

I guess you all saw what Mom did to the Header?
She really wants to personalize this blog some more, but fortunately she doesn't know how. She wants this blog to reflect us doggies - Queen Fluffy Butt & Me (BTW, I have a new nickname - Kissy Face.) She has a huge amount of photos of us as well as some snow scenes she took down the Park, but since she doesn't know what she's doing she can't use them.

Wait one minute - What is this? SNOW! It is snowing. None of it is laying on the ground, but it is snowing. Mom was able to get a couple pictures:

The snowflakes only look like white dots, but they definitely are there.

Woooo-Hoooo Snow. Big, Fat, Wet snowflakes!

Back to the Blog thing. Don't be surprised if you check outthis blog one day and it is entirely different. She desperately wants to change it around. She has been looking for some freebie templates on the web, but so far she hasn't found any she likes.

News Flash - No Phillies Game tonight! Bummer. They had to suspend last night's game due to the weather, and now it appears they will have to wait until tomorrow to finish it.

Go Phillies!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

You are getting snow?!? That's fantastic. I'm jealous.


DKMaialetti said...

Hey Kat, unfortunately it didn't last. I can't wait until we get a real sow storm!