Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Magic Drawer??

OK, so what is in this drawer?
This is the Doggie Cabinet. See the middle drawer? Can you guess what is in there? Doggie Goodies!!!
Special cookies - not the usual Milk Bones, but my favorites and Queen Kissy Face's favotites, as well as Beggin' Strips.

We are trying to get Mom or Dad to give us some cookies. It doesn't always work. So we are trying to come up with some way to get our cookies.

My idea is to run around the house to get their attention then to run into the kitchen and quickly lay down in front of the cabinet and bark. Unfortunately it doesn't always work.

Above is Queen Kissy Face's idea: Just sit in front of the cabinet and stare at it. Do you really think that would work? Guess what? It actually did work!! Can you believe that? All she has to do is sit there and look like a sad puppy and she gets what she wants!!! My running around and being cute doesn't work.
Mom says that I should learn some of Georgie's ideas, learn to be quiet and laid back - NOT!


Nanük said...

Harroooo wooowoooo! We've a magic drawer too! Always trying our siber-mind tricks on #1 to get it open too BOL!!!

RA, Isis & nukie

DKMaialetti said...

Hi Ra, Isis & Nukie,
What is in your Magic Drawer? We have all sorts of goodies - Bacon Strips, Cookies and even some of my tennis balls.
Do your siber-mind tricks work? Ours only works sometimes.

Nanük said...

Harrooo huskerboos!!!! we awarded woo a bloggie award today on our post- come by and check it out, play bows,


Nanük said...

Bol Pele, we have sweet potato treats, liver treats and my favorite- dried salmon treats! play bows,


World of Animals, Inc said...

That doggie draw must have the best goodies in there. Even the magic drawer needs security in front of it. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Hope you got some treats. Thanks for sharing.
World of Animals