Monday, May 28, 2007

There's a Song About Me!

Hey, guess what?

Someone wrote a song about me. Can you believe it? I heard Mom singing it the other day. It is called "Georgy Girl". I think this is SO COOL!

Mom won't let me put the song here, she says it's not legal, that you can't use someone else's work without their permission. I say it's OK, the song is about me isn't it? She is just no fun!

Mom says (or more correctly, thinks) I am a good girl. She went out twice yesterday and left me out of my crate. Only Me and Her Fluffiness were home. Mom never does this, she's afraid I am going to eat her beloved rockin' chair or her stuffies that are sitting on it. Dad, however, is a different story, He thinks I should be allowed out of my crate when they are out. YEAH Dad!!!!!!!

So, when they went out shopping and when they took Andee out for her Birfday Dinner, Dad told Mom to leave me out of my crate.

Now don't get me wrong, my crate is OK some of the time - like when it is time for treats, Old Fluffy Butt is greedy when it come to treats, and she usually don't eat 'em anyway!? I like my crate, especially at bedtime - I don't have to go up those stupid stairs!

So they went out and left me out of my crate. I was checking out Mom's stuffies when they left the second time. Dad was warning me not to touch them - which I didn't, for now at least! Mom thought I was such a Good Girl. But, I am waiting. I am going to get one of those stuffies! Especially the Big Stupid one that barks! I have a plan: The more I fake being good, the more they will let me out of my crate when they are out. Then when they least expect it - Wham, no more Big Stupid barking Stuffie!
BTW - Just to let them know that I am a Genuine Siberian, I did take some things off of the table while they were out. I took a small travel sewing kit and a cell phone case off the dining room table, and I took wrapping paper out of the trash. I didn't eat them, I just wanted to let them know that after all, I am a Siberian!


Anonymous said...

oh the trash can.. what a great invention!!! Wow, your mom has alot of sibe stuffies! the one with the box must go, ha rooO!! Get it when she least expects it. Great Plan

Khady Lynn said...

That is an excellent plan you have! Sam does this sort of thing all the time. He is very good for a long time, then WHAM, he'll destroy something out of nowhere! Keeps the humans on their toes. Good luck getting the stuffie! Mom keeps our husky stuffies up on a shelf way out of our way. That's not very nice of her!


DKMaialetti said...

Yep, I am going to get it when she least expects it. I don't like that stupid, barking Stuffie at all!! I am just waiting until the time is right!!

DKMaialetti said...

Holly, no it is not nice of your Mom to put her Stuffies on a shelf. How are you suppose to get to them if they are up there? Is there a chair or other piece of furniture you could use to get them?