Friday, June 1, 2007

A Noisy Storm

We had some noisy storms last night. It was so noisy they woke me up!

I was all curled up nice and comfy in my crate and BOOM - CRACK - BAM!! What a racket!! And all the flashing lights - Lightning!! How was I ever going to get some sleep?

Well, of course once I was awake, I just had to find out if anyone else was awake. So I made some soft Husky Woo-woo's - no one answered. I made some more and still no one answered - not even Queen Fluffy Butt. Everyone was sound asleep - But not for long, Hee-hee!!

Of course, once I am awake I want everyone else to be awake. So I started barking and whining. That did it, Mom came running with Her Fluffiness in tow. She actually thought I was scared - well, I was a little, but she doesn't have to know that. So anyway, once she came down, I convinced her to let me out of my crate and the three of us - Me, Mom, and Her Fluffiness - curled up and went back to sleep. Mom was in her recliner, she couldn't put the bottom up because Me and The Queen were curled up at her feet. After a few minutes the noise wasn't so bad, and the three of us fell asleep.

Her Fluffiness is not feeling too good. Since we have the Husky Air on she is a little slow. She is also grumpier than usual and she doesn't want to play. Mom says her arthur-itis is bothering her. It is a left-over from before Magic came here.
I have mixed feelings about arthut-itis. I know it hurts, so I am not so crazy about that, but you also get peanut butter when you have arthur-itis! Mom hides these little white pills, called aspirin, in it and lets Queen Fluffy Butt eat the peanut butter off the spoon. Worse, she won't let me have any. She says peanut butter on a spoon is for getting medicine only! Well, that's no fun. Do I have to get arthut-itis to get peanut butter? Is there a way that I can fake it? Hmmmm, I will have to see.


Khady Lynn said...

Good work getting the human up during the storm. Samuel does this sometime when it's bad weather.

And, it is so NOT fair that you don't get any peanut butter! I suggest you whine and claw the human when she won't share!


DKMaialetti said...

I know it's so not FAIR!!
Mom gets us Peanut Butter Mailmen from PetCo, they are good but I want REAL Peanut Butter.