Monday, July 23, 2007

We've Been Tagged Again

Sasha has tagged us. She wants to know what our favorite books are, so here goes:

1 - Julie of the Woods. Pretty Cool series of books about a young girl who live in Alaska and befiriends wolves.
2 - Hawaii Books. Mom is always reading something about Hawaii. Hawaii is TOO hot for my liking, so I think they will taste good.
3 - Diet Cookbooks. What are the point of these books?
4 - Journals. Mom keeps journals for EVERYTHING! Genealogy, gardening, quilting - you name it, she has one. They are pretty tasty.
5 - Harry Potter Books. Need I say more?

I am going to tag Indy , Holly , Sitka , and MayaMarie

We have had a pretty uneventful weekend. Us doggies have been stuck in the house by ourselves for most of it. Saturday everybody had to deliver weddings! Mom & Aunt Joan only had three weddings but they were HUGE ones - lots of table arrangements. Two of them were far away, one near Doylestown and one in New Jersey. So we ended up being left alone most of Saturday.
On Sunday everyone helped to put a new floor in Aunt Joan's house. She is getting a new kitchen and the floor had to be put down before the cabinets get out in. I hope my doggie cousins, Shadow and Lucy, like it - oh, I can't forget the kitty cousin, Jujube.


The Husky in the Window said...

Good choices, but I'm not so sure about diet cookbooks. Who are they kidding. I like the journal idea.
The weekend sounds really busy. My mom and dad had to help my mom's sister pack a moving truck and we were left home all day Saturday too. We know how you'all feel. I think it's time for Husky Quality Time this weekend.

IndyPindy said...

Thanks for tagging me! I will have to think about my favorite books. Sorry you got left alone, I think you need to shred something to teach your humans a lesson!

DKMaialetti said...

Hi MayaMarie, The cookbooks are a good choice also. Although they really do not do too good, Mom has LOTS of 'em. She especially likes The South Beach ones.

DKMaialetti said...

Hi Indy, I peed on the floor to get even!

Sasha said...

Maybe you should shred a journal or two to get them back for leaving you alone....

Khady Lynn said...

DIET cookbooks??? Nope, no point to those!

Come check out my books!


Anonymous said...

Ohh.. Hawaii Books! Those sound cool!!! Hey, stop by my blog you two and check out my books (well and Tia's too).

DKMaialetti said...

Sasha, I also think I should shred one of her journals. That will taech her to levae us alone!
Holly, diet cookbooks are pointless, I just like the pictures of the food.
I've never read any of those Husky books, but the authors names are from Sibernet aren't they?
Sitka, I have the 12 Dogs of Christmas, what a hoot, I Love it.

Mud Monster said...

Magic & Georie,
We've just hit yous with the "tag bug" check out our blog for more details.

Quincy & Tristin