Sunday, July 22, 2007

We've Been Tagged - A Time Capsule

We have been tagged by our friend Indy. He wants to know what 5 things we would put in a Time Capsule, so here goes:

1 - Food. I love to eat, so I would have to put food in there.
2 - My crate. I love my crate, it is nice and cozy - and it is the only place Queen Fluffy Butt won't go.
3 - My Toys. I have a really cool collection of pink squeakie toys.
4 - Mom's Roses. I like Roses. I go outside with Mom every morning and help her take care of her roses.
5 - Pictures. Lots of pictures of my family, yes, even Her Fluffiness.

Hmm, let's see. I would have to agree with The Scavenger for food, but....
1 - The Sofa. I love creature comforts.
2 - My Babies.
3 - My Mommy. Forget the pictures.
4 - Pigs Ears. Yumm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 - Snow.

I am going to tag - Tristian & Quincy, and Holly.


Sasha said...

Hey, Magic and Georgie. I tagged you for something else. Check out my blog.

Khady Lynn said...

I put food and my couch in my time capsule too! Those are pretty much my two most favorite things!!

I think it's cool you want to put your mom in there!