Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pink Puppy Quilt

As some of you know my Mommy is the local coordinator for the National Canine Cancer Foundation - Delaware Valley Chapter. This chapter is in the beginning stages and will be up and running before the end of this fall's event season is over.
Mom is in the process of making a quilt to be raffled off at one of the events. She is calling the quilt:
The Pink Puppy Quilt

She started working on it a few weeks ago. She is using a pattern called York the Puppy. The block was designed by:
Sandy Harris of Sundrop Designs

Sandy gave my Mom her permission to use the York The Puppy Design in a quilt to help raise money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation.
This is what the blocks look like. They are all different shades and combinations of pink prints. Mom is using pink because the logo for the National Canine Cancer Foundation is a Pink Paw. She is hoping that her next quilt will show the logo in it somewhere.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That looks really cute! Way to go to your mom.


DKMaialetti said...

Thanks Steve, Kat & Wilbur, For obvious reasons this is an issue that is really close to her heart.

DKMaialetti said...

I donated the quilt to the Rescue I volunteer with. They have an annual adoption picnic.