Sunday, December 26, 2010


OK, obviously my humans are just not going to get it. I eat beds!! So what did they tell Santy Paws I wanted? Another bed?!
Here is the bed before they left me alone with it for a few hours. When they came back it was still in one piece, but it had a little hole in it. Hehehe!!
I also got some stuffies - Ducks!! One was suppose to be for the Queen, but she doesn't play, so I took it.

 Here is one of the ducks in my crate on my bed. Notice the fluffie on the floor - that is a piece of my bed.
Here you see I have BOTH of the stuffies!!
We also got lots of treats, and cookies. We also got rawhide chews and Pigs Ears.

Here is Georgie, the Queen on her throne relaxing after a tough morning of opening pressies.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All Our Doggie Friends


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

It looks like both of woo had a great HOWLiday!

Please be nice to your bed!


ThePainterPack said...

So glad woo got lots of pressies! I don't mind beds...but we have some serious shredders in the house! Can I play wif your stuffies???

Mya Boo Boo

DKMaialetti said...

Hi Khyra, I only put a little hole in it. I can still use it. Maybe I can use the hole to put some cookies in so I can have some when Mom won't give ma any.
BTW - she makes sure I stay a working dog - if I want a cookie, I have to work for it. Queen Fluffy Butt doesn't have to do that!

DKMaialetti said...

Hi Mya from The Painter Pack,
Thank Woo. Yes, you can play wif my stuffies. I have 2 new ducks!:) Andee (the human teenager) says one is a goose, but I like them both. We can definitely share!!

Khady Lynn said...

So, the countdown is on to see how long the bed makes it before it's trash can material!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year!!

Holly and Khady