Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Help for Innoko

We have a Very Special Favor to ask our Friends.

This little guy is Innoko.

Innoko needs Everypups Prayers. Poor little guy has parvo virus. Innoko is currently in the hospital, but he is being fostered in the home of one of The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance volunteers.

Little guy is Very Sick. Not only does he need your Prayers, but the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance could use some help to differ the cost of his treatments.

Please if you can spare some change, follow this link to Innoko's page:

Innoke Update

Although this happened shortly after my original post, I just now have been able to post this.
I have a sad update.
Poor Little Innoko lost his fight with parvo. After a valiant fight the poor little guy took a turn for the worst and there was nothing else his vet could do for him. So instead of letting him suffer, his foster Mommy and adoptive Mommy-to-Be made the heartbreaking decision to release him form his suffering and help him to The Rainbow Bridge.

Godspeed Little Innoko.


FiveSibesMom said...

Such a sweetie to have such sickness in his short life. I'm sure he is romping happily over the Rainbow Bridge.

DKMaialetti said...


Husky Mom said...

Our first husky had parvo and he fought it for 6 really long days! It is a HORRIBLE virus! Im so sorry and no puppy should have to go through it! I am still traumatized by seeing him all sick and feeling horrid!

Anonymous said...

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